Valentine Morgenstern is the husband of Jocelyn Fairchild and the father of Sebastian Morgenstern and Clary Fray. An advocate against Downworlders, Valentine led the Circle with the main goal of ridding the world of them. After his initial failure, his new objective became the reformation of the Shadowhunters as a whole. His canon-universe wiki page may be found here.

His first appearance in Upworld, Downworld was August 28, 2013, post #966, in the Modern Day: NYC thread.

Biography Edit

Valentine hails from a parallel universe in which he wasn't killed by Raziel, but instead was stripped of his powers and retreated, a self-imposed exile, to the streets of the mundane world where he could hide from the Clave and attempt to regain his strength. His last act of conscious Nephilim power was to disguise himself, changing his distinctive looks to something less easily recognizable. This done, he now wanders the streets, surviving hand-to-mouth with only traces of his former abilities remaining.

Physical attributes Edit

In contrast to his canon appearance or his Shadowhunter Peril counterpart, Valentine is younger and leaner, with dark hair cut short excepting a few thin strands left long and braided, and a clipped goatee. He has tawny, wide blue-green eyes that excel at broadcasting his emotions rather than black, and his runes cover his entire body. He favors traditional black clothing, though at the point of his introduction the Shadowhunter leathers are long gone and he's resorted to wearing whatever he can find. His voice remains recognizable, which leads Jace to correctly identify him during Chroniel's first Modern Day manifestation.

Valentine's appearance is modeled after his depiction in the City of Bones feature film, in which he was played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Personality Edit

Erratic, obsessive to the point of desperation and often impulsive and violent, Valentine is much less levelheaded than his older, more familar counterpart. He suffers from paranoia and anxiety which cause him to frantically avoid anyone he knew in his past life, regardless of the fact that they would never recognize him by sight alone.

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